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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
First Appointment
To optimize your time at the first appointment, bring or email a week ahead of time the following information:
  • Legal name, address, phone numbers, email address, date of birth
  • Medications, dosages and how often you take them
  • Your preferred pharmacy
  • Past medications tried for your moods, anxiety or insomnia (their dosages if known and why they were discontinued)
  • Allergies and what happened with each medication listed (hives, vomiting, etc)
  • Medical conditions
  • Past surgeries
  • List of health providers 
  • Family history: List of any illnesses (cancer-specific type, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc) in anyone related to you, alive or deceased.
  • Past psychiatric or psychological treatment places and clinicians


Privately Insured
Not all insurance companies reimburse clients for all of the medical charges from their physician. And not all insurance companies cover treatment by all physicians.

Check with your insurance company first to see what prior authorization or referrals might be needed. Although I am an Out-Of-Network Provider for insurance companies who only cover certain physicians, if there is no other In-Network psychiatrist close to your home, or if their is a wait time to get an appointment with an In-Network psychiatrist, you can ask for Out-Of-Network coverage. You can also ask for Out-Of-Network coverage if you need a psychiatrist specially trained in EMDR (if one of your diagnoses includes PTSD).

Medicare Recipients
If you have Medicare, I cannot treat you in my private office, because Medicare will not allow me to bill for the amount of the service charges that they will not cover. 

I do see Medicare clients in the clinic in Denton, but would be unable to provide psychotherapy for you there.

The only way I can treat someone over 65 in my private office is if they sign a document attesting that they are not covered by Medicare.

Medical Assistance
It is not legal for me to treat Medical Assistance clients in my private office except for temporary treatment of pregnant women or mother's of small children who are in need of treatment while on the waiting list to get treatment at a community mental health clinic. I will see those types of women at no charge in order to prevent their children suffering because of their inability to obtain timely treatment.

Care Philosophy

My primary focus is helping clients develop more succesful lives in their personal relationships and business endeavors.

People "do life" consistently. Working with how a person behaves with intimacy can be used to change financial and communication areas as well.

I offer a form of therapy designed to use current findings in the field of neurophysiology to effect the fastest change of dysfunctional relationship patterns possible. Clients change faster and experience more significant shifts in their lives than those who are in medication management or traditional "talk therapy" alone.

Because intimate relationships force us to look at areas we would otherwise avoid, providing couples sessions allows clients to move even faster in their personal growth endeavors. Many come for both individual and couples sessions.

To maintain the highest possible quality of services, I dedicate several weeks per year to learning cutting edge approaches to helping people change.

When medication may help either in the short term or long term, I inform my clients of their options and the relevant risks and benfits of the various options. When medication is indicated, research has demonstrated that medication and therapy together are more effective than either one alone. My focus is primarily on the therapy/education and secondarily on medication as appropriate.

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